At OneMobileStop, we have experienced in an effective internet marketing for small medium enterprises. Whether you’re interested in planning an internet marketing campaign or outsourcing to company to grow your business more effectively, our plans are customizable and can fit any budget.

Putting a website is a great first step, but without targeted visitor traffic your investment will never reach its full potential. Unfortunately, this is where many small and medium businesses fail with their understanding in internet marketing. Why put a website online that nobody can find?


With our internet marketing services, we not only help you get your business online, but also help to drive continuous stream of profitable traffic to your website which may include elements of Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click), Directory Submission, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and more. We can also help you integrate your offline promotions with your online activities.

How we work with clients

Client: IBG Malaysia

Project: Create a internet marketing plan for IBG Malaysia that has customers engagement and interactive to promote vital information about their company branding, integrity and products values.

OneMobileStop: Created a comprehensive marketing plan that provided an increase in the monthly traffic, rankings and procedures for their newly created site. Their plan included quality content creation, SEO, Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ), Google AdWords, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Syndication and Online PR. We used a hybrid marketing approach that both strengthened and diversified their online presence thereby creating more online exposure across multiple marketing channels.

Testimonial: The clients are satisfy with our services and the internet marketing plan is performing very well.

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